Chapter 21: Atomic Physics

Quantization of Energy

The official website of the Nobel Prize offers an interactive exploration of the quantised world. It includes links to biographies of “related laureates” in most segments.


Blackbody Radiation

Blackbody radiation is further explained here.


The Photoelectric Effect

A simulation of the photoelectric effect.


Models of the Atom

A step-by-step guide to building a model of an atom.

Descriptions and diagrams of the Rutherford, Bohr, and Cloud models of the atom are available here.

Here is an applet wherein you can visualize different models of the atom.


Quantum Mechanics

The Visual Quantum Mechanics website is an interactive, comprehensive introduction to the subject for non-science students.

This is a simulation devoted to quantum phenomena.

A short biography of Werner Heisenberg.


Heisenberg humor!

This NOVA video delves deeply into the subject of quantum mechanics and where the research stands today.

Scroll down to the video entitled, “The Quantum World!” and enjoy the auto-tuned stylings of some of your favorite physicists — and Morgan Freeman! — as they explain quantum mechanics.

Here you will find a short discussion of quantum machanics as well as a video detailing the science behind the character Dr. Manhattan from the film “Watchmen.”

Admit it, you’ve always wondered just how Santa delivers so many presents in one night. Quantum mechanics might hold the answer.