Chapter 20: Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction

Here you will find a number of physics related video podcasts, including one on electromagnetic induction (episode #9).

Use this interactive applet to learn more about Faraday’s law.

This inductance tutorial incudes a number of applets that illustrate the concepts presented.

A demonstration video and explanation of electromagnetic induction.


A short tutorial on how a transformer works, with an interactive animation.

This website offers a variety of experiments that explore the concept of electromagnetic induction. Click on links in the left sidebar for projects such as building a transformer.

Electromagnetic Waves

Learn more about the electromagnetic spectrum on this multipart website.

This applet further illuminates how radio waves work.

Further discussion of electromagnetic radiation.

This video describes some of the common uses for electromagnetic waves.

This page explains the construction and use of Faraday cages to block electromagnetic radiation (EM).