Chapter 19: Magnetism


Visit “Mag Lab U,” the educational website of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, for links to videos, demonstrations, historical information and more.

This website is a comprehensive collection of magent- and magentism-related experiments.

This simulation allows the user to experience how magnets and compasses interact.

This article discusses research by scientists into the use of magnetism to develop a shark repellent hook, which helps to keep sharks from being accidentally caught by commercial fishing operations.

Extract the iron from fortified breakfast cereal in this simple experiment.

Earth’s magentic field — and how it shifts over time — is the subject of this article.

Magnetic Force

More information on magnetism and current-carrying wires.

This in-depth lab includes a series of activities involving magnetic force on a current- carrying wire.

NASA’s Voyager probes are discovering all sorts of new things about the universe, including how the sun’s magnetic field can bunch and fold far from the star itself, causing “magnetic bubbles” to form.