Chapter 18: Circuits and Circuit Elements


A deeper discussion of circuit diagrams and symbols.

A virtual circuit construction kit applet that includes AC and DC voltage sources.

Build and test a simple circuit without soldering in this mini-project.

Use these instructions to build a light bulb.

This video describes how to make a light bulb from a pencil, among other components.


Complex Circuits

This article describes the development of “epidermal electronics” which allows flexible, miniature semiconductor circuits to be attached to the skin like a temporary tattoo.

This page links to an activity involving circuits and the application of Ohm’s law.


Complex Resistor Combinations

This page is devoted to resistor combinations and includes several sets of questions to test your knowledge.

Here, you will find further explanation of why decorative lights in a series – such as Christmas tree lights — remain lit if one burns out but will all go out if one is removed.