Chapter 17: Electrical Energy and Current

Electric Potential

This introduction to electric potential energy includes links to more information.

This article and video describe new technology being developed in the area of biofuel cells, which use glucose and oxygen in the human body to generate electricity.


This applet allows the user to see how a capacitor works.

How lightning functions as a gigantic natural capacitor.

This article discusses the use of graphene to build smaller, faster “supercapacitors.”

Ohm’s Law

This resource sheet provides information about how astronauts’ spacesuits act as “personal spacecraft.” It includes an activity that has students apply Ohm’s law.

This simulation applies Ohm’s law to a simple circuit.

Electric Power

With five cents — and a bit extra for materials — you can build an LED flashlight battery.

How NASA’s Glenn Research Center contributes to the electrical power system aboard the International Space Station.

Use the information on this website to estimate how much energy your household consumes in a typical year.