Chapter 16: Electric Forces and Fields

Electric Charge This applet demonstrates how static electricity works.

A video animation and description of the Millikan oil-drop experiment.


The first video below demonstrates how a Wimshurst electrostatic generator works through the process of induction. The second shows a Wimshurst machine working in conjunction with Franklin’s Bells.

Coulomb’s Law An introduction to Coulomb’s Law, with links to further information.

Students can investigate Coulomb’s Law via this experiment.

A force vs. distance graph applet.

Electric Field Test your putting skills with Magneto Mini Golf, which demonstrates how proton golf balls interact with different electric and magnetic fields.

How to build a 3-D electric and magnetic field viewing bottle.

How to build a ridiculously sensitive electric charge detector.

This applet demonstrates how charged particles react to an electric field.

Explore electric fields and conductors and then test your knowledge with a short quiz.