Chapter 14: Refraction


This webpage includes a deeper study of refraction as well as a video discussing refraction and invisibility.

In this video, a Scottish teenager performs the amazing feat of making a glass beaker disappear through the magic of refraction and vegetable oil.

This task requires some specialized equipment, but upon completion you’ll have your very own refracting telescope.

The story of Willebrord Snell and his law set to a jaunty tune! Two versions of the song are presented here.

The Archer fish overcomes the visual distortion caused by refraction in order to accurately knock down its prey using jets of water.

A refraction applet wherein you may bend and manipulate light.



Discussion of the Thin Lens Equation with links to further information.

This applet uses animated ray diagrams to illustrate image formation with converging lenses.

This experiment centers on focusing light with a lens and asks students to determine the magnification.

This webpage describes the “anatomy” of a lens and includes links to projects such as how to build your own pinhole camera.

Optical Phenomena

Rainbows can take forms other than the traditional single arc.

This site is full of information about and pictures of various atmospheric optical phenomena.

Fiber Optics

Read the autobiography of Charles Kao, Nobel prizewinning physicist whose work led to breakthroughs in the area of fiber optics.

This NASA researcher recently discovered a way to increase the speed of fiber optic sensors exponentially.