Chapter 6: Momentum and Collisons

Momentum and Collisions

This video uses baseball to describe a number of physics concepts, including momentum.

(Objective: Compare the momentum of different moving objects.)

Linear Momentum

How does linear momentum apply to aerial acrobatics? Allow this clown to explain.

(Objective: Describe changes in momentum in terms of force and time.)

Conservation of Momentum

These applets use the motion of billiard balls to illustrate conservation of momentum.

(Objective: Describe the interaction between two objects in terms of the change in momentum of each object.)


Elastic and inelastic collisions defined. This page also includes illustrations, animations, problems, and links to further information.

(Objective: Identify different types of collisions.)

This simulator allows you to change the collision scenario to observe different outcomes.

(Objective: Compare the conservation of momentum and conservation of kinetic energy in perfectly inelastic and elastic collisions.)