Chapter 31: Immune System and Disease

History of Medicine

Interactive timeline of the history of medicine

(Main Idea: Germ theory states that microscopic particles cause certain diseases.)




Animation showing how macrophages surround and engulf pathogens

(Main Idea: Cells and proteins fight the body’s infections.)




Animation describing the production of lymphocytes in the bone marrow and the cells that are derived from them

(Main Idea: Cells and proteins fight the body’s infections.)



Cellular and Humoral Immunity

Animation describing cellular and humoral immunity; including footage of a macrophage

(Main Idea: Cells of the immune system produce specific responses.)




Animation explaining how vaccines activate the immune system

(Main Idea: Vaccines artificially produce acquired immunity.)




Animation describing how allergies trigger a nonspecific immune response

(Main Idea: Allergies occur when the immune system responds to harmless antigens.)




Animation describing how acute lymphocytic leukemia affects the body’s immune system

(Main Idea: Leukemia is characterized by abnormal white blood cells.)




Animation showing how HIV infects a cell and reproduces itself

(Main Idea: HIV targets the immune system.)