Chapter 22: Plant Growth, Reproduction, and Response

Gametophytes and Sporophytes

Photographs of the gametophytes and sporophytes of various seedless plants

(Main Idea: Life cycle phases look different among various plant groups.)

Flowering Plant Reproduction

Video describing flowering plant reproduction using the lily as an example

(Main Idea: Flowers contain reproductive organs protected by specialized leaves.)

Pick the Pollinator

Game in which you match flowering plants with their pollinators

(Main Idea: Flowering plants can be pollinated by wind or animals.)


Animated tutorial describing the fruit structures of flower plants

(Main Idea: Fertilization takes place within the flower.)

Seed Dispersal

Video discussing a variety of ways in which plants disperse seeds

(Main Idea: Animals, wind, and water can spread seeds.)

Seed Germination

Video describing seed germination, including time-lapse photography and an animation

(Main Idea: Seeds begin to grow when environmental conditions are favorable.)


Video collection showing various plant responses including phototropism and gravitropism

(Main Idea: Plants can respond to light