Chapter 15: The Biosphere

Earth System

Article that gives some examples of interactions among Earth’s spheres

(Main Idea: The biosphere is the portion of Earth that is inhabited by life.)

Climate Map

Clickable map showing detailed climate data for cities around the world

(Main Idea: Climate is the prevailing weather of a region.)


High-quality video collections that give a feel for the flora and fauna of every biome

(Main Idea: Earth has six major biomes.)

Arctic Life

Photo essay documenting the search for life under the Arctic ice

(Main Idea: Polar ice caps and mountains are not considered biomes.)

Marine Ecosystems

Video describing the importance of ocean ecosystems

(Main Idea: The ocean can be divided into zones.)

Marine Life

Video footage from a 10-year quest to inventory ocean species

(Main Idea: The ocean can be divided into zones.)

Coral Reefs

Video featuring the biodiversity of coral reef ecosystems

(Main Idea: Coastal waters contain unique habitats.)

Brackish Ecosystem

Slideshow about the findings from a research expedition to the brackish Baltic Sea

(Main Idea: Coastal waters contain unique habitats.)

Estuary Ecosystem

Interactive poster illustrating several estuarine wetland species

(Main Idea: Estuaries are dynamic environments where rivers flow into the ocean.)


Interactive tutorial describing the ecosystems that make up the Green Swamp, an ecologically significant watershed in Florida

(Main Idea: Freshwater ecosystems include moving and standing water.)

Lake Ecosystem

Interactive satellite map of Great Salt Lake with information about its many microenvironments

(Main Idea: Ponds and lakes share common features.)