Chapter 10: Principles of Evolution

Fossil Layers

Tutorial showing how fossils preserved in layers of Earth can provide a record of the past

(Main Idea: Theories of geologic change set the stage for Darwin’s theory.)



Galapagos Islands

Interactive multimedia feature in which you can explore the geology and animals of the Galapagos islands, including excerpts from Darwin’s journals and commentaries from present-day evolutionary biologists

(Main Ideas: Darwin observed differences among island species. Darwin observed fossil and geologic evidence supporting an ancient Earth.)



Artificial Selection

Narrated slideshow describing the similarities and differences between artificial selection and natural selection

(Main Idea: Several key insights led to Darwin’s idea for natural selection.)



Principles of Natural Selection

Video describing current research on natural selection and evolution in hummingbirds

(Main Idea: Natural selection explains how evolution can occur.)



Natural Selection

Simulation in which you change bird beak size or precipitation levels (which affect seed sizes) to see how population size and average beak size change over time

(Main Idea: Natural selection explains how evolution can occur.)



Modern Evolution

Video describing the adaptation of armor in a stickleback fish population in British Columbia

(Main Idea: Natural selection acts on existing variation.)