Chapter 9: Frontiers of Biotechnology

Restriction Enzymes

Animated tutorial illustrating how restriction enzymes are used to cut DNA

(Main Idea: Restriction enzymes cut DNA.)



Gel Electrophoresis

Virtual lab in which you use restriction enzymes to cut DNA into fragments, then perform gel electrophoresis to make a restriction map

(Main Idea: Restriction maps show the lengths of DNA fragments.)




Virtual lab in which you use PCR to amplify a sample of DNA

(Main Ideas: PCR uses polymerases to copy DNA segments. PCR is a three-step process.)



DNA Fingerprinting

Simulation in which you use DNA fingerprinting to identify a culprit

(Main Ideas: A DNA fingerprint is a type of restriction map. DNA fingerprinting is used for identification.)




Multimedia describing what cloning is, including animations comparing natural reproduction to cloning; information on cloning myths and the risks and benefits of cloning

(Main Idea: Entire organisms can be cloned.)



Recombinant DNA

Video describing how a gene from one organism can be inserted into another organisms using recombinant DNA

(Main Idea: New genes can be added to an organism’s DNA.)



Genetic Engineering of Insulin

Animation illustrating how bacteria are genetically engineered to produce human insulin

(Main Idea: New genes can be added to an organism’s DNA.)



Genetic Modification of Food

Simulation in which you go through the steps to create a transgenic insect-resistant tomato plant

(Main Idea: Genetic engineering produces organisms with new traits.)



The Human Genome Project

Click on “The human genome” for an interactive tutorial describing how the human genome was sequenced.

(Main Idea: Genomics involves the study of genes, gene functions, and entire genomes.)



DNA Microarrays

Virtual genomics lab in which you use a DNA microarray to compare gene expression in healthy cells and cancer cells

(Main Idea: Technology allows the study and comparison of both genes and proteins.)



Genetic Screening

Video explaining how genetic screening may help people determine their predisposition for genetic diseases

(Main Idea: Genetic screening can detect genetic disorders.)