Chapter 5: Cell Growth and Division

Cell Cycle

Animation of the cell cycle with text descriptions of each stage

(Main Idea: The cell cycle has four main stages.)


Chromosome Structure

Narrated animation showing how DNA packs tightly into chromosomes during the early stages of mitosis

(Main Idea: Chromosomes condense at the start of mitosis.)


Stages of Mitosis

Interactive animation showing the stages of mitosis

(Main Idea: Mitosis and cytokinesis produce two genetically identical daughter cells.)



Cell Cycle Control

Game in which you play the role of cyclin and CDK regulating cell division

(Main Idea: Internal and external factors regulate cell division.)



Normal and Abnormal Cell Division

Animation showing the difference between the control of cell division in normal and abnormal cells, such as cancer cells

(Main Idea: Cell division in uncontrolled in cancer.)



Cancer Cells

In-depth article describing how cancer cells behave differently than normal cells, with video featuring cancer researcher Dr. Thea Tlsty

(Main Idea: Cell division is uncontrolled in cancer.)



Asexual Reproduction

Article and video describing regeneration in the planarian, an animal that can lose its head and grow a new one, featuring researcher Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado

(Main Idea: Some eukaryotes reproduce through mitosis.)