Chapter 2: Chemistry of Life

Properties of Water

Animated tutorial about the chemical properties of water and how they allow life to exist on Earth

(Main Ideas: Life depends on hydrogen bonds in water. Many compounds dissolve in water. Some compounds form acids or bases.)


Uniqueness of Carbon

Engaging article explaining why carbon, and not another element, is the building block of life

(Main Idea: Carbon atoms have unique bonding properties.)

Protein Structure and Function

Animated introduction to proteins using molecular modeling software

(Main Idea: Four main types of carbon-based molecules are found in living things.)

Enzyme and Activation Energy

Simulation modeling how an enzyme can lower the activation energy of a chemical reaction

(Main Idea: A catalyst lowers activation energy.)

Enzyme Characteristics

Animation that uses the analogy of a wrench to describe the characteristics of enzymes

(Main Idea: Enzymes allow chemical reactions to occur under tightly controlled conditions.)